Alto Yorkin, Panama

Alto Yorkin is a Panamanian village populated by Guaymi Indians. It is located at N9.47793 W82.80981. Arriving at the village requires a three hour boat ride upstream through the rapids of the Yorkin River, then a three to four hour grueling climb. The village is very far away from the services offered by the Panama government. It has been years since the village was visited by a Panamanian doctor. There is a school on top of the mountain for the 100 or so residents. There is no church and as best as I could tell, the place is devoid of any Christian witness.

My desire is to hold a medical clinic there and at the same time install solar powered lighting for the school’s four rooms. Like all the other villages of Talamanca, the amount of time arriving compared to the distance is staggering. One complete exhausting day is necessary to arrive, unless you go by helicopter. Then it is a five minute jump, hardly time for the engine to warm up.

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