Congo Bridge

Between the two existing bridges of Bajo Blei and Bisa Jula the Congo River enters the Telire. Just about 100 yards upstream of this intersection the gps will read N9.56562 W83.29275. It is another important crossing of the Telire River. You can possibly see how the trail meanders back and forth across the river allowing for the trail to traverse the least difficult terrain.

Here at the River Congo, we are also ready to construct a bridge. Both sides of the river have been cleaned in preparation for construction and the south bank of the river has been cleared of all obstacles to allow for a helicopter approach. Like all the bridges on the Telire River, this bridge will only be built with the use of a helicopter. It is a four or five day hike to the site.

We presently have a cable car hanging at the site to allow for passage from one bank to the opposite. Following are pictures of previous bridges at the site and the cable car.

The cost for this bridge is estimated to be $ 60,000 including the helicopter rental.

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