Lotse Bridge

Located at N9.513170° and W83.060110° on the gps, the Coën River, between Bajo Coën and Alto Coën, is an area known as Lotsë. It is a place on the trail out of the jungle from San Jose Cabecar where the trail splits. After hiking down a mountain and arriving at the south bank of the Coën, you can continue along the same side of the river which will almost immediately take you up a steep climb, over another mountain and down onto a flood plain where Bajo Coën is located. The alternative option is to cross the Coën to the north bank where the terrain is relatively flat. The trail will then take you to the village of Sepeque and the Telire River, where you could get a boat down river.

A river crossing at this point in the trail is possible in dry weather, but for much of the year a crossing is unthinkable. The north trail through Sepeque is very much preferable if carry someone sick or wounded out of the deep jungle areas.

It is at this critical crossing where we have begun construction of the Lotsë bridge. The areas on both sides of the river have been cleaned with the jungle being chopped back to expose any rock that may be valuable in anchoring the bridge. The exact anchoring points have been marked and we stand ready to begin construction.

In order that the Indian population might make crossings while waiting for the bridge to be constructed, we have installed a cable on which individuals may ride in a cable car across the river. Already several severely infirmed people have been carried in hammocks from remote villages, tied on and pulled across the river, then successfully delivered downstream to receive medical treatment.

At this point, the only thing preventing us from completing this bridge is funding. The approximate cost for the materials to build this bridge is $ 15,000.

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