Medical Clinics

The medical clinics are one of the ministries in which we engage that requires more time and effort in preparation than in the actual execution. Practically all of our clinics are held in remote sites where there are no roads for easy access, no electricity and often no potable water. The logistics of moving personnel, camp gear, food and medicine to such sites with our limited resources is at times daunting and unpredictable.  Normally a clinic will be about 3 days in duration where we may treat a hundred people or more per day.

One of the most difficult locations in which we have held clinics is the village of Bajo Blei and as I have mentioned, the difficulty came in simply arriving. The village is a three day hike from where we were forced to leave our vehicle. This meant six days on the trail for a three day clinic.

Another interesting clinic was one we held on the San Juan River which is the border with Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We had all our gear, along with four doctors, loaded on a large boat. We moved up and down the river for several days, stopping in villages to treat people on both sides of the border.

We are very appreciative of the doctors who freely come and endure hardships uncommon to their normal lives in order to bring comfort to those who call Talamanca home. We are also most thankful for those who provide financially, enabling us to purchase the needed pharmaceuticals and supplies.

The following pictures are representative of clinics performed over the past 15 years. They include the villages of Alto Uren, Bajo Coen, Namu wöki, San Jose Cabecar and Lotse.

F a c e b o o k
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