It was in the north west region of Talamanca, in the early 1950’s, when Mr. & Mrs. Jones came to Costa Rica as missionaries to the Cabecar tribe. Sixty years later, one of their sons, Philip, still lives and works in the exact same location. Every evening was punctuated for a few hours by the sound of an old diesel generator doing its best to provide a little electricity. The same generator chugging along for all those years.
As the generator was showing more and more signs of needing retirement, Philip began to investigate other alternatives. I was privileged to help him install a micro-hydro generating plant using a small waterfall and creek adjacent to his property. The turbine and inverter are now supplying quite 24 hour energy to his house and mission.
Helping the other missionary families in the area, whenever we can, with what little real expertise we possess, is part of the joy in serving the Lord.

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