If you take the time to read through this web site, you will find time and time again reference made to helicopters. So much so, I am often tempted to think maybe I should tone down all the talk about so expensive an undertaking. Then on the other hand, if someone is sick, once the diagnosis has been made and the cure determined, talk should then change focus from the sickness and cure to how best we can administer the cure.

I have taken the liberty of assuming the majority of the readers of this site and the supporters of this ministry are all acutely aware of the sickness. ‘The depravity and lost condition of the human race in its natural state”, the Holy Scriptures tell us, is our infirmity. Likewise, the cure we know and we have partaken of it freely. The cure is no less than faith in the fact the blood of Christ is able to expunge our sin debt. There, two facts we know. The population of Talamanca as a whole is deathly ill and Jesus stands ready to provide salvation and deliverance from the disease.  All that remains to be discussed is how best to carry the cure to the infirmed. This portion of the website pertains to that discussion.

Consider Alto Uren, a village to the south west of Bribri. There are two methods of arriving in Alto Uren. Method number one is a two day hike climbing approximately 2000ft. Or, the alternative method of an eight (8) minute helicopter flight from our hangar. The process of discipleship requiring an investment of time, it is easy to see which method of travel to Alto Uren would be most beneficial.

All things considered, the helicopter best suited to meet or mission needs is a turbine helicopter with approximately 5 places. We are in need of individuals who possess a compelling desire to see the lost of Talamanca come to Christ and who desire to invest in the purchase and operational cost of such a helicopter. I can think of nothing that would change the ministry to the indigenous population of Talamanca more than a helicopter dedicated to the spreading of the Gospel! It would not only be life changing for the Indians, but for many, it would radically change eternity.

Below are some examples of the types of helicopters that would be ideal, however, we would most gladly put to use any type of helicopter. The idea is to be able to make frequent visits to all the villages. This requires that we be able to travel much faster than at present. The necessity of making multiple trips to transport a team to work in a village in a two place helicopter is still much faster than walking.

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