In 2001, we purchased a lot on the Sixaola River.  At the time I was not sure why I was making the purchase, but felt led to do so.  Seven years later, in 2008, a series of circumstances led me to invest in the construction of a hangar on the property.  It looked as though our prayers for a helicopter were about to come to flurishion.  With landing pad paved and hangar construction to a point where it was usable, we learned the helicopter was not coming after all.  Still, we began by faith and I continue to believe God is going to supply exactly what we need for doing his work.

In 2011, totally without anticipation we were given a 1956 Cessna 180.  Needless to say, the gift was indeed a blessing.  The landing pad at the hangar was originally designed and built for helicopters.  However, with some additional grading of the property, we believe it will be possible to obtain adequate runway length for the airplane.

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