Growing up in rural North Carolina, the social environment matched well my proclivity toward being introverted. Even today, I am uncomfortable in large crowds. I also harbored an intense dislike, bordering on fear, of speaking in public or to strangers. Perhaps the majority of the problem hinged upon my severe speech impediment. Regardless of the cause, the idea of being a missionary, had I even ever entertained it, would have seemed more unlikely than becoming an astronaut.

It is a testimony to the fact that nothing is impossible with God. I serve as a missionary not because I desired to, or because I was equipped to, but rather because I am compelled to. God called me in such a way the call was undeniable and I now serve at His pleasure.

Agua Viva Ministries was begun with the full knowledge that I had no real idea of what I was doing. My desire was to serve God, how exactly was a mystery. In the years that have transpired, I have learned more about God and myself than I ever imagined possible. On top of that, God has brought into my life some very amazing people, who have blessed my life tremendously by their friendship.

In the very beginning, there was a small group of guys who said they would stand with me. They became the Trustees of the ministry and were a source of great encouragement. God then began to bring strangers into my circle of acquaintances that rapidly grew into supporters both spiritually and financially.They also played a large role in helping me hear God’s voice in formulating a vision for the ministry.

I am incapable of expressing how grateful I am for what God has done in my life and the way He has accomplished it. Below are just a few bullet points to illustrate how this ministry has grown and God be praised for His goodness and faithfulness.

  • 1988 first trip to Costa Rica
  • Nov. 1991 first trip into the Talamanca Region
  • Sept. 1992 formed AVM
  • Sept. 1994 purchased lot in Bribri where our home and operations base is now located
  • July 1996 began construction on our present building
  • Dec. 1996 Daisy and John married
  • Feb. 1997 we held our first jungle medical clinic in Bajo Coen. Dr. Dwight Adams was the physician.
  • June 1997 Daisy and John moved into a tent on the Bribri property
  • Jan. 2000 moved from tent to a room in the still unfinished building
  • May 2000 JP was born
  • May 2001 purchased lot on the Sixoala River, site of present day hanger
  • Feb. 2002 held medical clinic along International border of Cost Rica and Nicaragua.
  • Aug. 2004 James born
  • July 2007 began construction of first jungle bridge
  • March 2008 began construction of a hanger on the river lot.
  • Jan 2011 Cessna 180 donated to ministry
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