The geography of Talamanca is marked by dense mountainous jungle which is dissected by various rivers, five of which converge to form the River Sixaola, the border between Costa Rica and Panama. Along these rivers, the Yorkin, the Uren, the Lari, the Coen and the Telire is where you’ll find the indigenous population concentrated. Around the year 1993, after about 2 years of hiking into these areas in an effort to learn as much as I could about the Bribri and Cabecar, it became obvious that ministering effectively in an area so extensive, where “ treacherous” foot paths are the only links between villages, a different methodology than what I had imagined became clear. Here, in the jungle of Talamanca, as much as anywhere else in the world, aviation could be the key. Aviation assets, especially rotary, dedicated to the evangelizing and discipleship of the Talamanca region could turn the tide of an effort began 60 years ago.

Sixty years ago a family named Jones began the work of delivering the Gospel to Talamanca. Their family continues the work and they have been joined in the assault on Satan’s stronghold by others over the years, others such as Agua Viva Ministries. Since the beginning, the words “what we need is a helicopter”, have been thought, voiced, prayed and pleaded. It actually takes very little time hiking in the jungle to reach the conclusion that, only aviation is going to allow us to move rapidly and unencumbered about the jungle. This is critical because, it would allow us the opportunity to have a more constant presence in all the jungle villages. Without a constant presence, evangelism suffers greatly and discipleship is all but squelched. As we all know, the more often we are with someone, the greater our impact is likely to be.

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