Bis Jula Bridge, Upper Telire River

The Bridge at Bis Jula is constructed over the Telire River, about a full day’s walk, upstream of Bajo Blei. The gps coordinates for the location is N9.54211° and W83.32551°. The trail which winds itself out of the mountains of Alto Talamanca crosses back and forth over the Telire River. Many crossings are at narrow gorges through which the river passes. Bis jula is just such a crossing.
The narrow gorge makes it possible for the Indians to lay tree trunks across the opening, although it makes for a very dangerous crossing. The same vertical walled narrow gorge that allows for the makeshift bridge, also means that an accidental fall is more often than not deadly.
The Bis jula bridge is 92 feet long. The material cost for this bridge was approximately $ 9,000 and another $ 41,000 for the purchase of helicopter flight time. Forty-one thousand dollars is a lot of money to transport people and materials only 30 minutes from our hangar. But, it would take you the better part of a week to hike there one way, if you weren’t carrying anything. As you can see, without the helicopter, a real bridge is impossible.

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