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As the Word of God so plainly states, salvation is but the first step into a relationship with God. Salvation is but spiritual birth. Like a physical newborn, the spiritual newborn knows little about the truth of who God is or how to live according to God’s precepts. Discipleship is the process by which, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we attempt to guide the newborn into a relationship with God. Because the Word of God is not yet completely translated into the Indian language and because so much of the population can not read, discipleship must take place on a personal basis. The Word must be taught verbally and demonstrated outwardly. We must live what we advocate.






Working with other Missionaries!

There are several other missionary families working in the Talamanca Valley. Each one of us with our own particular calling from God, however we share a common desire. That desire is to see the Bribri and Cabecar Indians come to faith in Christ. The efforts of Agua Viva are strengthen by the efforts of the other families. Likewise, we try to be an aid and comfort to the other families in their callings. It has been a blessing to be able to meet together periodically to pray together for and with one another. When the talents and resources of Agua Viva can benefit the furtherance of the Kingdom by aiding our missionary brothers and sisters, we try to respond in a timely and generous manner.

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