The Greatest Gift of All!

Personal Witness!

The most important thing that we do is share the truth about Jesus Christ, the Savior, with individuals in a personal way. In order to be effective with our verbal witness, there must be a degree of trust between us and the ones with whom we are sharing. Without trust or a degree of curiosity, we would be in essence talking to a closed heart and mind. All our other efforts, whether it be medical clinics, well drilling, bridge building or  educating in some particular area, absolutely everything is aimed at building trust and/or curiosity.  This demonstration of God’s love serves to augment and give evidence for our verbal witness. We believe that whatever changes we can effect in the physical material lives of the Indians, it has no meaning at all unless there is a change in their spiritual lives. Seeing people come to belief in Jesus Christ is our priority and the thing all our efforts are geared toward.





Group Evangelism!

In addition to witnessing on an individual basis, we often try to reach entire villages at communal meetings. Most of these meetings involve the use of movies with Christian themes or the use of verbatim scripture like the “Jesus Film”. After the movie, there is always an explanation and invitation, as well as an opportunity to ask questions. These meetings are usually held in conjunction with the other outreaches.

Medical clinics and bridge constructions are always sure to draw a crowd. Further more, the crowd is most likely to return multiple days for as long as we are in the area.








Vacation Bible School!

This effort targets children between the ages of 3 – 12 years. This outreach is also coupled with a women’s ministry.

Bible Schools and evangelistic outreaches in and around the Bribri area, outside the Indian reservation, are usually held in conjunction with one of the locally established body of believers.





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