Agua Viva’s primary field of ministry is located in south east, Costa Rica. Our ministry base is in Bribri, Costa Rica, where we have our home. Bribri is a small town located on the River Sixaola which forms the border between Costa Rica and Panama and is only a few miles in land from the Caribbean coast. It is also the “county seat” so to speak, of the region known as Talamanca.

Talamanca covers an area of approximately 1,084 sq. miles. It encompasses some of the most inaccessible terrain in Central America. The region is home to two indigenous tribes, the Bribri and the Cabecar.  Both tribes have managed to maintain their language and a good deal of their culture into the 21st century. This is especially true of the more remote villages, where interaction with outsiders has been very limited.

The Talamanca mountains are devoid of any road system. This of course means that all egress and ingress by the inhabitants of the region is by foot path. Access to the most remote villages requires days of hiking often barely distinguishable trails marked by steep inclines and numerous  ever dangerous, river crossings.

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